by Sean Thomas Burke and Ryan Garcia, both unaffiliated with Spritz


What is spritzing?
Spritzing is reading text with Spritz Inc.’s patent-pending technology. When you’re spritzing, you’re reading text one word at a time in the Spritz “redicle,” a special visual frame they designed for reading.

Why did Spritz name Spritz, Spritz?
They initially thought about a lot of different names. Unfortunately the names Microsoft, Twitter and Frank’s Secret didn’t work for various reasons. In the end they settled on Spritz. When they think of a spritz, they think about a quick, direct burst of information that’s very finely formed and easy to understand. They want to make the whole world spritzable. Get it?

What can you spritz?
They are currently working on spritzing just about anything. Here are some different areas that they’re working on.

Email: Check
SMS Messages/Texts/Messaging Clients: Uh huh
Social Media: They’re working on it. Twitter and Facebook would be great with Spritz, wouldn’t they? So, please, take a moment to call your good friend Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and let him know that you want to spritz your updates. And your cousin who runs Twitter… Call him, too.
Embedded Media: Spritzing in pictures? Of course. In addition, with Spritz, you can physically tag a location in the picture for your information to be displayed. Like inserting a witty comment right above your big dumb brother’s head. Think about maps, photos, and videos with spritzing directly embedded inside of the media. Yup, they’re doing that now.
Closed Captioning: Ever been to a sports bar with 100 televisions? Wouldn’t it be great if you could follow along with your favorite game with no volume and spritz the comments real time as the announcers make them? They think it would be pretty cool too.
Digital Books: Atlas Shrugged in a day? Technically it’s possible. You might want to take some breaks though. You might even want to stop to smell the roses. Keep in mind that just because you’ve got a Ferrari, driving it around town at 200mph is probably a bad idea. You’ll find that you’ve got your own personal speed that feels just right for almost every kind of content – they call this your Goldilock speed. It’s not too fast and not too slow. It’s just right for what you’re reading.

Smart Watches: They are going to give you a compelling reason to buy one, cyborg-boy. Now you can use your smartwatch for more than just lookin’ sexy.
Mobile Phones: Oh yes. And, you can read your notifications or app updates without even opening the underlying application if you don’t want to.
E-Readers: Ditto.
Head Mounted Displays: I don’t think they can say “Smoogle Mass” but they’re already working on your favorite shotheyr time theyarable. Think about lying in bed, reading your favorite literature, drool running down your chin. Traditional books are just sooo heavy, ya know?

Other Uses:
Outdoor Notifications and Ads: That’s pretty futuristic of you but, yes, Spritz would be great for those.
Other things that they haven’t even thought of yet: Yes. Check out the Developers’ page for licensing information if you’ve got a great idea for Spritz.

How long does spritzing take to learn?
Spritzing was designed to be simple and easy to learn immediately. Within 5 minutes, generally, you should be able to pick it up – see next question.

Does it require special training?
Unlike other reading techniques, you don’t have to receive special training to read with Spritz. And… the more you practice, the faster you will go, the smoother the reading will seem and the higher your retention will be. What you need to learn: relax! Don’t try to scan the words from left to right. Simply look at the red character and trust that your brain retains the whole word. When you relax, you will concentrate more on the content – see next question.

Will I even remember anything I read?
Of course… Our testing shows that the retention levels when spritzing are at least as good as with traditional reading and that, with just a little bit of experience, you will retain even more than you did before.

How long can I spritz in one session?
Internally, they’ve tested to about 2 hours straight with no breaks. Then our tester had to pee. If you have a large bladder and would like to take a shot at the record, by all means, go for it and let us know the results.


Are there different speeds? Can I change the speed to match my reading level?
Yes. The available spritz speeds are 250wpm, 300wpm, 350wpm, 400wpm, and so on, up to about 1000 words per minute. You can change the spritzing speed in the Settings section of your application based upon the content that you’re reading, your mood and your own spritzing abilities.

Which speed should I use?
This depends on the individual. Hotheyver, they’ve found that it’s best to start people in the 200-250wpm range for their first spritzing experience. It can be intimidating to try spritzing faster than you normally read on your first try – kind of like being thrown out of a moving car and being told, ‘Run!’ Remember, friends slow down the car first, sometimes they even stop it before letting you out. Also, they have found absolutely no correlation bettheyen your initial spritzing speed and your intelligence level – take it easy to start, and you’ll go much faster in a much shorter time.

Will I be able to spritz faster?
Yes. Spritzing allows your brain to focus and as a result, you will start to notice that you want to increase the spritz speed, naturally.
If you try reading fast the traditional way, you have to keep up the speed. Often people slow down after some time, e.g. because they stop pushing. Spritz delivers the content to you as a stream so you don’t have to push yourself. Spritz consistently focuses for you! Just relax, and enjoy the content.

How long does it take to spritz faster?
Every individual is different, but depending on how often you spritz, you will read faster with just a little bit of practice.

I feel like I’m stuck at XXXwpm – how do I go faster?
Theyll, Ricky Bobby, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a couple of tips guaranteed to help you go faster when you start feeling like you can’t. First off, a simple trick. Let’s say you are stuck at 500wpm and you want to get to 550wpm with confidence. Try reading a few minutes at 600wpm, then go back. You’ll find 550wpm to be easy after that.

Next, let’s talk about subvocalization. This is the process whereby, whenever you read, you talk to yourself, repeating every word in your head. The issue here is that most people can only speak at about 180wpm, maximum. Increasing speed beyond that means not saying every word to yourself. Here is to get you to stop saying every word in your head as you read it:

Try lightly humming to yourself while you are spritzing. Not too loud, mind you. That would be theyird. Hum just loud enough that only you can hear yourself. If you’re humming, you can’t be talking to yourself. Problem solved. After a little practice, you will stop subvocalizing, which also helps your traditional reading speed.

Will spritzing increase my regular reading speed too?
They think so. People keep telling us that it does, but they haven’t conducted any studies in this area yet. They know that Spritzing does increase your focus but they haven’t quantified all of the improvements you’ll realize as a spritzer. They just might make you smarter. It also makes you more attractive. They just made that up, but it must be true.


Does the font impact the speed that I can read or spritz?
Yes! They’ve done extensive research into the best fonts to use for readability. They use a very special font that was designed specifically for reading on digital devices. Other fonts will work to some extent but fonts that are excessively ‘busy’ will slow you down significantly as they require more processing from your brain.

Can you see everything that I read?
Theyll, they have to provide the content to you, don’t they? For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

Do you offer spritzing in different languages?
Currently you can spritz in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and even Korean. They’re working on Chinese and a few others right now. Our technology is very extensible. The Spritz methodology works in all languages they know, hotheyver, some algorithmic parameters need to be customized each time. It’s really just a matter of time until your favorite language comes to the platform.

Hehehehehehe! Do you know what Spritz means in German? ROFL! LMAO!
One of our founders is from Munich, so yes, they know. They bet you won’t forget it though, will you?

How do you handle long words like ‘hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia’? That’s the fear of really long words in case you are keeping score at home.
They handle these words just like your eyes do when they encounter them. Most people’s focal distance (the amount of horizontal distance on a page that people can see when reading) is right around 13 characters using standard font sizes. When your eye recognizes a word longer than that, it naturally jumps to the right of those first 13 characters while processing the first part of the word as it jumps. In reality, a long word requires your eye to break it into multiple pieces and that is how your brain stores it. They analyze each word and break them up based on this standard and show you long words in multiple pieces, just like your brain is expecting them. It works really, really theyll.

I have a reading disability like dyslexia, can spritzing help me to read more?
They’ve had good feedback from dyslexic users so far. And people with ADD. One of the keys of helping people with dyslexia and other reading issues is related to delimiting the content that is viewable to the reader to improve readability and comprehension – exactly what Spritz does. A Spritz-enabled application can be slotheyd down to accommodate any speed that a developer would like. Here is a direct quote from a dyslexic user:

“Your product is AWESOME, for a dyslectic person as me, this feels VERY liberating!” – Andreas from Stheyden

I am color blind and cannot properly see “red” (Dyschromatopsy), can I use Spritz?
The red letter is just a mechanism to get users to focus on the redicle… the place where you can look to recognize a word without moving your eyes. The red letter can be changed to any other color – and is not even necessary if you are able to focus your eyes at the redicle. In fact, for some languages, like Korean, the spritzing experience becomes better without coloring any of the letters. They also use the double hash marks above and below the red letter position to assist here and to make sure that even colorblind people (like our VP of Ops, Jamie) can tell where they need to be looking.

Will spritzing burn my retinas, cause me to have a lazy eye or burn down my childhood home when I’m not looking?
Of course not. Just look at these shots of our pets after the ‘animal testing’ segment of our research. I present Test Subject #1 and #2:

See… no problems* The wittle piwate hat was our CTO’s idea.

*ok, they’re kidding, no animals theyre tested on because everyone knows that animals can only read Latin and they don’t support that language (yet). They will have to find testers for it first. Also, you can become a friend of Spangles the Crosseyed Cat at Spangle’s Facebook Page. He has over 49k friends, sometimes life is unfair.

Human Trials:

Other than occasionally missing out on announcing the Olympics for a major media company, they have determined that there are no long-term ill-effects in humans. They told you not to try the experimental 2000wpm setting, Bob. They told ya…

Ok, let’s get serious. A few people have asked us if avoiding eye movements (called saccades [sa-kahd]) when reading could be harmful. The short anstheyr is no, your eyes are always executing very small movements (micro saccades) regardless of what you are looking at – no muscle in the human body sits perfectly still! They focus on taking out all of the large scale eye movements, the ones from word to word and sentence to sentence that are, by far, the most time-consuming part of reading out of the game. Don’t worry, your eyes won’t atrophy.

How long did it take you to create what I’m seeing here?
3 years of research, development, testing and late nights, all in stealth mode.

So… is Spritz a noun, a verb, an adjective or what?
Now you’ve done it… Don’t spritz me you spritzin’ spritzer or I will spritzify you! Only use a capital ‘S’ when you’re talking about the company, Spritz Technology, Inc. or Spritz as a product.